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What are all of the forex exotic currency pairs? standard

If you also wish to understand more about exotic currency pairs and trade using them, keep reading to understand everything about them. The low liquidity in these markets make these pairs pricey when trading. However, high interest rates and frequent price fluctuations may provide a chance of higher returns. These exotic currency pairs come with higher risk, so only experienced traders tend to trade them. Some are the major ones that are easily traded, while the minor ones may take time to execute. Exotic currency pairs are quotations that consist of one major currency (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, etc.) and one currency from a developing country (SEK, TRY, ZAR, HUF, MXN, etc.). The table below includes all the exotic ...

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what is market orientation concept? EduRev Class 12 Question standard

Our in-house tooling department ensures quick tooling up of new products and keeps the development cost to the minimum. Electrical Accessories India is one of the most reputed and established Electrical Accessories Manufacturer and supplier, providing services to top renowned organizations in India as well as abroad. At Social MD what you will find is a team of people working towards the same goals. We all have the same passion to help businesses find their digital voice. Soon customers will feel that they are not getting what they want and they will switch to next. So, start today with a good orientation program and see the positive result it bears. It helps the employee to feel more relaxed ...

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The hidden trend reshaping and hurting the economy: serial acquisitions standard

A friendly takeover is a situation wherein one firm willingly agrees to be acquired by another firm. This is when the board of directors is willing to accept the takeover offer and shareholders approve as well, deeming the price (and other conditions) fair. However, a firm must comply with specific laws, as in some countries an investor must make a takeover bid upon acquiring a certain number of shares. For example, in India, an entity can't acquire over 10% of the shares of a company on the open market. Creeping takeovers may also involve activists who increasingly buy shares of a company with the intent of creating value through management changes. In mid-2005, Porsche began buying Volkswagen shares and ...

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Dragonfly Doji: Understanding This Pattern standard

They both clearly show an action taking place the same way pin bars do and they both have the same effect upon the traders in the market when they form. The similarities between a dragonfly doji candlestick and a pin bar are often referred to as the “ghost in the machine”. This type of candlestick is formed when the open and close price of a security are nearly the same. They are very similar to pin bars, but there is one important difference. When trading the Dragonfly Doji, we want to see the price first going down, making a bearish move. The pattern is bullish because we expect to have a bull move after the Dragonfly Doji appears ...

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