Prophet Dr. Shepherd Bushiri is working for the well being of Christians in the states of African continent through his organization Enlightened Christian Gathering. But, in the pressure of some unknown hands governments over there are persecuting him for different reasons. However, a civil society organization in Malawi have called on state agencies to come out in the open and officially communicate to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri regarding media reports that he is being investigated by the hawks.

According to the news agency in south Africa, a communiqué has been signed by 12 various CSOs including the business communities in Malawi, the CSOs say they are gravely concerned with the way Prophet Bushiri is being embarrassed, persecuted and fought by south Africa’s state agencies mostly the hawks and the police.

The CSOs claim that they have observed worrying trends and suspicious elements in the way the hawk’s investigations of Prophet Bushiri are being handled and how the ECG leader is being treated in South Africa.

Chairperson of the human rights consultative committee (HRCC) Robert Mkwezalamba, who read the statement during the press briefing, said Prophet Bushiri is being accused of coming to Malawi on private jet monthly to drop illegal money yet he has only been in Malawi three times in the past 8 months. The CSOs also expressed concern and said, we are aware that money laundering is serious offence anywhere in world. However, we are surprised that, up and until now, Prophet Bushiri has not been officially communicated to by the hawks regarding these investigations.

Finally, the activists and the CSOs appeal to hawks and government to rise up against the spirit of xenophobia which distorts the lovely story of rainbow nation. We also appeal to South Africa police and secret operatives, to ensure they perform their duties in an acceptable manner and to the best of their professional expectation. Reads the statement.