Document management software can be an essential tool for any business or organization that creates, receives and uses files. It assists them in tracking the documents they produce as well as collaborate with colleagues on them, and store them securely in one location.

Most companies create a massive volume of documents as they work and communicate with clients, partners, suppliers, and so on. This creates the need for a comprehensive document management system that can handle all of the different kinds of documents and workflows within an company.

The most effective document management systems will offer a number of features that make them easy to use and secure, such as version control, unified storage guidelines, granular permissions settings as well as auditing capabilities. They also offer document scanning, optical character recognition, and customizable workflow automation tools. The right system will allow users to connect to other tools such as email or project management platforms and even your website for better integrations.

Some of the most reputable document management software providers offer the possibility of a trial period for potential customers to test out the product and evaluate its performance before making a decision on a purchase. They will also have detailed FAQs that address common questions regarding the product and its capabilities.

Implementing a document management program can take some time, as employees will have to upload and scan files. However, the initial disruption is much more than compensated for by the increase in productivity over months, weeks and even years. People working in highly-regulated industries may also find value in the best document management system that is compatible with SAS 70 Type 2 or ISO 27001 certifications.

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