Prophet Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Church is the world’s fastest growing church in the world today. He has got millions of followers who see a God in home. When newafrican media house interviewed Prophet Bushiri in South Africa, he has spoken open heartedly. Here is the conversation:

What are the difficulties you faced in running such a large ministry?

It is very difficult to run a ministry when there are many churches are closing in America, almost 1000 a year. But we are a Prophetic ministry so sustain the skepticism. To grow up on a particular diet and to change your diet is a challenge. So there has been resistance to what we do. There has been some opposition and some persecution. However we have had a lot of success. In just two years, we have gained 300,000 registered members in Pretoria alone and as you said, millions of followers in Africa and around the world.

There are people saying your church and other churches ‘exploiting the poor and vulnerable’?

Bushiri said there is a difference between reputation and character. You can destroy a reputation, but not character. Reputation is given by people and character by God. There are ‘Men of God’; and then there is also persecution.

Some churches have gone through a phase where people have messed up, but also through a phase where there is persecution. We should be able to admonish the Men of God who do wrong things. Sometimes good character gets tarnished with bad reputation. At the end of the day, we conquer all with love. Remember, even Jesus was given a bad name and crucified for his good works.

There are people who say performance of miracle is a stage managed hoax?

It’s either you believe or you don’t. Those are things of the spirit. The things of the spirit are for those who believe. Some don’t believe Jesus healed the sick or rose from the dead. Others don’t believe he was the Son of God, others believe. My ministry is for those who believe.

Is there any reason why you run businesses together with ministry work? Is there no conflict of interest?

I am a Man of God and a family man, and I don’t believe the church must support my family. That was never my idea when I started my ministry. I am a family man with a beautiful wife and two amazing kids aged four and two. I must be a good role model for my kids and not depend on my congregation.

To what do you attribute business success?

Bushiri says it’s not because I am smart or anything. You must believe in yourself and believe that you succeed. I believe I can do something for my government, not that the government must do something for me. That has been my motivation and belief.

And on the economic front?

Africa must establish strong trading networks. As rich a continent as we are, we must be trading amongst ourselves. Strong African Union policies should encourage unity and intra-African trade to drive prosperity. All that lies with our political leadership. And we should not make it difficult for Africans to move freely across the continent to foster economic activity and growth.