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South Africa government embraces Prophet Bushiri

Having millions of followers, Prophet Bushiri was denied by the South African government. But it seems time has come to embrace him. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri offered a moving prayer of reconciliation on Saturday afternoon in South Africa during the countries national day of inter-faith prayers at emirates airline stadium in Johannesburg. The big event was

Son of God Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's grand entry into Nigeria

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has dreamt of achieving 2 million souls for Jesus Christ in 2018. And he was in Abuja, Nigeria on Friday, where he was welcomed like a God himself. Bushiri announced the global Prophetic tour early in January meant to fulfill his churches 2018 agenda of winning 2 million souls for Jesus. When

Shepherd Bushiri speaks about his philanthropy and politics

Malawian born, South African based preacher, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has said his relentless charity works is apolitical. He made this statement while visiting to the two childcare and orphanage centers. He interacted with children’s and donated K5 million to each centre. “Recently, I was in Nicaragua, Central America, where we donated money and food items

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's take on miracles, family and money

He is a Word of everyone’s mouth in South Africa now. Yes, we are talking about Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, controversies around him and his assets. While some believe he cannot be trusted, the millions who follow him believe he is an impressive as the second coming. The Malawian born Prophet Bushiri alias ‘Major 1’ is

Billionaire Shepherd Bushiri - it's all almighty's blessings

IF you can judge a person’s holiness by their wealth, then Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is very holy indeed. According to some news agency, the Malawian-born man of God was recognized for his business success on Saturday night at the 2018 Africa’s CEO Hall of Fame event, held at the Sandton Convention Centre. The event is

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his religious views

When someone is growing so fast it is obvious that entire world, media, and cameras look towards them. The same is happening with the South African – Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. After all the news house its al-jazeera joining the media buzz. Prophet Bushiri also used the Aljazeera interview to advance that he does not

Men of God should be rich -Prophet Bushiri

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri proclaims in an interview, Men of God should be rich. A Malawian national married to prophetess Mary, and founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering with headquarters in Pretoria, South Africa, speaks on his business, achievements, the growth of his church, including some controversial issues. Prophet Bushiri said, Journalists often ask me: ‘Why

When Prophet Bushiri honored with prestigious 'Honorary US Citizenship'

on February 25, 2018 at the Enlightened Christian Gathering church, the biggest church in Africa and also ranked no 1 fastest growing church, the head of the church Dr. Prophet Bushiri informed his millions of followers that, he has been nominated to receive the honorary US Citizenship award. This is a huge and the biggest

In conversation with Prophet Bushiri

Prophet Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Church is the world’s fastest growing church in the world today. He has got millions of followers who see a God in home. When newafrican media house interviewed Prophet Bushiri in South Africa, he has spoken open heartedly. Here is the conversation: What are the difficulties you faced in running such

Police encounter and Prophet Bushiri's explanation

His success was not digestible for many in Malawia and south Africa as well. This went on to a criminal complaint on Bushiri. In an interview Prophet Bushiri explained and said, he handed himself to Pretoria west police on Saturday evening following a hunt by the rainbow nation’s law enforcers in connection with an alleged

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