on February 25, 2018 at the Enlightened Christian Gathering church, the biggest church in Africa and also ranked no 1 fastest growing church, the head of the church Dr. Prophet Bushiri informed his millions of followers that, he has been nominated to receive the honorary US Citizenship award.

This is a huge and the biggest honor from the United States. There are two major ways in which United States give citizenship, they are:

  • Birthright citizenship, in which any person born in the USA, or born abroad to a US citizen, is declared a citizen, and
  • Naturalization, in which an immigrant is granted citizenship after applying for it and meeting certain requirements (e.g. biometric screenings, interviews, tests, and oaths).

Unlike the native citizens and naturalized citizens of the US which have certain rights, duties and benefits, honorary citizenship is not attached to any known unclassified rights, privileges and duties. However, according to the US Government, “honorary citizenship is and should remain an extraordinary honor not lightly conferred nor frequently granted”.


Since the independence of United States from Great Britain on July 4, 1776 until 2017, the United States of the America has granted the honorary US Citizenship to only 8 people. And among them, 6 have received the award posthumously and two received it during their lifetime. They are:

  • Sir Winston Churchill (awarded in 1963)
  • Raoul Wallenberg (awarded posthumously in 1981)
  • William Penn (awarded posthumously in 1984)
  • Hannah Callowhill Penn (awarded posthumously in 1984)
  • Mother Teresa also known as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu (awarded in 1996)
  • Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette (awarded posthumously in 2002)
  • Casimir Pulaski (awarded posthumously in 2009)
  • Bernardo de Gálvez (awarded posthumously in 2014)

Major One always says that his achievements are “not because he is intelligent or clever, but because of the Grace of God”. As the leader of the contemporary Prophetic movement, spoken by Prophets thousands of years ago, is receiving one of the highest honors in the world at a very young age and at a time that all well-informed analyses point to an imminent end of the world, it is important that the reader of this article ponders on his stand with God and really ensure he or she is ready to meet the Creator of all things if the world ends now.